Ingham residents recall ‘explosion’ as gas main crash leads to them being evacuated

Residents of a Lincolnshire village were evacuated after a car collided with a mains gas terminal which caused an “explosion”. Police reported a two-vehicle crash in Ingham at around 10.20am on Wednesday, July 10 and nearby roads were closed as a result. Minor injuries were reported.

A van, which was involved in the crash, collided with the mains gas terminal on Lincoln Road and caught fire, causing a plume of black smoke. People living near the scene were evacuated from their homes as a precaution and a cordon of around 200m was set up.

Residents in the village remain without gas while the supply is fixed by Cadent. The village hall has been set up as a help centre for people to get supplies and updates.

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One resident who lives right by the gas terminal on Lincoln Road, Cath Marwood, said they were told to evacuate soon after the incident. She said: “I heard a big bang like an explosion. I came out and there was thick black smoke it was really awful.

“The next thing I knew we were told to get out. I first of all said no because of the dog. I went to stay with my daughter in law. There’s now no gas to any of the houses.”

Ingham resident Cath Marwood heard a loud bang followed by black smoke
Ingham resident Cath Marwood heard a loud bang followed by black smoke

People have since been told that it is safe to return to their homes. Another resident living near the crash scene, who wished to be named as Barry, said he chose not to evacuate because he has a big garden and lots of dogs.

He said: “I heard the Ring doorbell go and someone told me I needed to evacuate. I asked why and they said the gas mains had gone up on the corner. I’ve got a 200ft back garden and four dogs so I didn’t want to evacuate.

“That junction is bad, there should be crash barriers around that bend. We’ve had a few accidents on that one junction. It’s a dangerous bit of road. I’ve only been here five years but I’ve heard it’s not the first time someone’s crashed into that building.”

Another resident who wished to remain anonymous said it was “scary” when she was told to evacuate and likened the experience to “something from a movie”. Cadent could not confirm how many houses were affected by the incident and said the work could take either one day or multiple days to complete.

A help centre was set up at the village hall and primary school
A help centre was set up at the village hall and primary school

Richard Sansom, Network Director for Cadent in the East Midlands, said: “As the gas emergency service, we were called to an incident just outside Ingham, Lincolnshire this morning, where a vehicle collided into one of our governor stations – a small kiosk which manages gas pressures in the local area.

“As a result of this collision, the governor immediately made it safe by cutting off the gas supply which has affected Cadent customers in the Ingham area. Engineers have made the area safe, but there now follows the process of recommissioning and repressurising the local network which will take some time.

“Our Customer Service team are in the process of setting up a dedicated customer centre where residents will be able to access information and supplies. We will also be helping the most vulnerable customers to ensure that they are safe, and we will do all we can to support them until the gas supply is back on.

“Additionally, we have set up a dedicated incident webpage. I would urge all customers to regularly check for latest information and updates.

“I’d like to thank everybody affected for their patience and understanding as we deal with this as quickly and as safely as possible. We would like to remind everyone that if they ever suspect a gas leak then they should call the Gas Emergency Service number on 0800 111 999* as it may not be related to this incident. The number operates 24/7 and is free to call.”

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