Leicestershire couple whose car burst into flames on A46 Lincoln Bypass praise kindness of strangers

A Leicestershire couple say their faith in humanity is restored after they were helped out by strangers when their car burst into flames. Anna and Alan Edmonds, who run a pub in Sproxton near Melton Mowbray, were travelling down the A46 Lincoln Bypass when their Ford car began chucking out smoke on Tuesday, June 11.

The car caught fire, which led to a diesel spillage across the road. The A46 was closed all day and overnight between the B1190 (Whisby) and the A1434 (Hykeham), with the county council having to resurface the road.

Alan, who is in his 70s, said: “We were going down the road and the car suddenly cut out and the engine management light came on. My wife lost control of the steering and there was smoke coming out from under the front of the car.

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“I jumped out and opened the hood, saw flames and told her to get out of the car quickly. A lorry came belting past and nearly took the door off. As luck would have it, a couple pulled up and came rushing down to help us.”

The Edmonds’ car was completely engulfed in flames by the time the fire brigade arrived. The kind couple who rushed to their aid helped to get their two dogs out of the car. They later drove them into Lincoln in search of a hire car, but nothing was available.

A large amount of diesel spilled over the road
A large amount of diesel spilled over the road

After hearing them explain their situation in a hire car centre, a man generously offered to drive the Edmonds’ 30 miles back home free of charge. Alan said: “It just shows there are some wonderful people around. We would’ve been stranded. It rebuilds your faith in human nature.”

Alan praised the “absolutely superb” emergency services who arrived promptly at the scene and thanked everyone who helped them out. The road was reopened at around 4am on Wednesday, June 12.

The Edmonds' car was written off
The Edmonds’ car was written off

Alan added: “We hope now that the insurance company will get things moving so that we can get another vehicle.”

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