Lincolnshire estate agent shares his tips as he launches his own business

After almost 15 years in the property industry, an estate agent has launched his own business. Josh Burn launched Josh Burn Personal Estate Agent on Monday, June 24, and is now helping people across Lincolnshire with their property needs and sharing his top advice for buyers and sellers.

The director explained that he didn’t expect to become an estate agent when he was younger, but once he was offered a job with an agent in Lincoln he knew it was the perfect career for him. Josh shared: “It just kind of happened, I used to work at a Spar shop in North Hykeham, where my first manager used to come in.

“He offered me a job at a high street agent in Lincoln, and as soon as I started I just knew this would be a career for life.” More than a decade later Josh has helped hundreds of people buy and sell their homes and is now excited to be running his own agency.

The 31-year-old stated: “After having worked in large and corporate estate agencies for all of my career there was something missing. Launching my own agency powered by eXp gives me the freedom to do agency my way and concentrate on the clients and not get caught up in figure tracking and management.”

He added: “It’s going well. It’s strange being your own boss after so long in a structured day-to-day but it’s given me a great foundation to launch my own agency and have already secured my first instruction to market for sale.”

Although the housing market seems to be ever-changing, Josh assures people that in Lincoln “the market is good and buoyant.” Adding: “There is plenty of activity for properties that are being marketed right, we haven’t seen a slowdown even with the election looming and buyers are still keen to buy.”

He explained that his favourite part about being an estate agent is the “buzz” of helping first-time buyers buy a property. Saying: “When someone gets to start the next part of their lives and handing over the keys to first-time buyers and seeing their excitement, it is such a buzz.”

Josh has also offered his number one piece of advice for people looking to buy or sell their homes, emphasising how important first impressions are. “If you are looking to sell, proactivity then first impressions count, using a professional proactive agent who brings in professional photographers and floorplaners is a must” he said.

Adding: “If you are looking to buy using an independent mortgage broker to look at the whole of the market for the best rates is the way to go.”

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