Shoppers delighted as B&M confirmed to replace Wilko in Lincoln city centre

Shoppers say they “can’t wait” for a new B&M store to open in Lincoln city centre after an opening date was confirmed for later this year. Plans have been submitted to the city council for the new discount retail store which would replace the former Wilko on Waterside South.

Wilko closed in the city in October 2023 after 22 years when the company entered administration. It was one of 400 stores to close across the country and staff members were heartbroken to say goodbye.

B&M has confirmed an opening date of September 14, meaning shoppers will have to wait at least a couple of months. Hundreds of readers flooded our comments section on social media following the news, with many voicing their support for the plans.

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There are already two B&M stores in Lincoln, one in Tritton Road and the other in Deacon Road, but shoppers noted that neither are within walking distance for those living in the city centre. One wrote: “I think it’s a good idea for us who live in town as the others are too far if you don’t have transport.”

Another commented: “Brilliant news. The one on Tritton Road is just too far for me to walk to easily on a frequent basis so this will be ideal. So glad this building will be getting used again.”

Others were glad to see the empty building being put to use. One shopper wrote: “Large retail space is becoming more difficult to fill so it’s good this has been taken on so quickly after the demise of Wilko.”

Another wrote: “Good. Out of town shops are ok but a city centre location will thrive. It’s the type of shop that is needed in the High Street area. The demise of Wilko left a big gap in the market that is tough to fill.”

B&M has invested £13 million to purchase more than 50 Wilko stores, while more than 70 have been sold to Poundland.

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