Tell us the key issues in Lincolnshire for you ahead of the General Election 2024

As the UK General Election approaches on July 4, LincolnshireLive is keen to understand the perspectives and priorities of our readers across the county.

The upcoming election is set against a backdrop of significant political, economic, and social challenges. From healthcare and education to climate change and local infrastructure, the decisions made at the ballot box will shape the future of our communities. This survey aims to gauge the pulse of Lincolnshire.

The UK’s last election in 2019 saw the Conservatives claim all seven of Lincolnshire’s parliamentary seats. However the latest odds are predicting a Labour win in at least two of the county’s constituencies.

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Labour, led by Sir Keir Starmer, is seeking to regain ground lost in recent years, presenting themselves as the party capable of delivering economic stability and public service improvements. The Conservatives, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the helm, are striving to maintain their presence and highlight their achievements in government.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats unveiled their manifesto this week as they seek to establish themselves as a viable alternative to the main two parties. It was also announced that former Reform UK leader Richard Tice would be standing in Boston and Skegness as polls show the continuing growth in support for the party.

We’re aiming to capture the pulse of the electorate. To do this, we are launching a comprehensive survey to understand your views and priorities ahead of this crucial vote. Your opinions will provide valuable insights into the issues that matter most to Lincolnshire voters and how they may influence the election outcome.

You can complete the survey below, or if it isn’t showing for you, click here.

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